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Big Thinking

Big because of the contribution that idea can have to a brand. Big ideas get noticed and because they cut through other promotional noise they generate response. However, a big idea is just an idea unless it can be delivered and performs against stated objective. Budget size is not the issue. Big thinking is relative to the culture of a brand that embraces such thinking and should be defined more in terms of new thinking and new ways of working than just associated with big budgets.

Stella Artois (Goes to the Movies)
Sony Playstation (Pre launch)
Daily Mail (TXT2Win)
Daily Mail (Smartcard Subscription)
Daily Mail (Wills & Kate wedding gift)
Dream Cottage (Dream Cottage)
Somerfield (Saver/fob)
Evening Standard (Eros Card)
Royal Mail (Stamp AR)

Guinness (Facebook AR)
Big Breakfast (Get Fruity)
Bordeaux (Times Wine & Dine)
Homebase (Spend & Save)
ES Spooks (CD code)
Volvo C70 (QR)
Victor Chandler (Future of betting)
ES (actors)
Captain Morgan (Key to Adventure)

New Thinking

Smart use of technology can be useful but not to be blinded by the science itself. Consider whether the new thinking translates up and down the supply chain. Experience in many business sectors can enable a transfer of thinking from one to the other which comes with useful learnings.

Joined-up Thinking

A clear understanding of a client's business critically requires a clear understanding of the client's customers. Viewing customer interaction with a brand sets the parameters for an integrated approach to communication and not just a random set of unrelated messages.

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